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Level 1 Installer

Becks Quality Cabinets Inc.
Job Description
A Level 1 Installer works mostly on construction sites, primarily during the finish carpentry stage of a job. They also may work and isn't limited to pre-installing, loading trucks at the shop, unloading trucks at a job site. and alos outside to modify and cut material. Job site safety is also a priority. Saftety pre-checksdone by lead installers which allows peace of mind for a safe work environment. Frequent wood dust on jobs sites and exposure to chemical odors is common on a jobsite.


A Level 1 installer is an entry level position at Becks Quality Cabinets. Reponsibilities are very limited due to their lack of work experience.  A Level 1 installer works beneath Levels 2-4, but work in conjunction to complete a job. They perform simple tasks while building upon their skill set by working side-by-side with lead installers. There is no length for a Level 1 installer reamainging at Level 1 status, promotion depends on how well they comprehend cabinet installation and past working experience to take them to Level 2 installer status.

Education: High school diploma/GED equivalent
Pay: $10.00 - $14.00 per hour
Duration/usual hours per week: Full-time, 40 hours per week minimum
Shift/work days: First shift, Monday-Friday
Number of openings: 1


Essential Functions:
  • Responsible for job site quality
  • Positive representation of Becks Quality Cabinets
  • Identify differences in types of cabinets (base, wall, island, vanity)
  • Works with lead installers to expand knowing and learn essentials of cabinet installation
  • Development of listening and communication skills with all installers

  • Able to do basic pre-install work (drawer guides, glass onto doors)
  • Able to install very basic cabinets, simple style cabinets (vanities, linens)
  • Straight line moldings with no miters
  • Direct converstation of job from builder/homewoner to lead installer
  • Assist in loading and unloading product
  • Unloading tools when arriving at a job and picking up tools at the end of the day
  • Hang doors and install drawers
  • Put on hardware on doors and drawers
  • Make necessary adjustments to doors and drawers so they are even and level
  • Assigned tasks as needed

Insurance: Health, Dental, Life and Vision and Life insurance
Leave and Holidays: Vacation, paid holidays
Retirement & Financial: Retirement
Comments: Co-pay heath insurance/retirement


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Contact Information

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