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Drillers Assistant

Ground Source Well Drilling
Job Description
Position consists of assisting the drill rig operator with the entire drilling operation and preparation activity’s associated with drilling and installing wells. 

Job duties include:
  • Discussing daily job description and activities with driller. Such as type of drilling method planned, job location, travel plans, and supplies required. 
  • Load the drill rig, service truck, and trailer (if required). Notify management of any supplies needed. 
  • Perform daily DOT inspection of vehicle prior to leaving shop. 
  • Fuel up all equipment 
  • Assist driller with checking utility locations and measuring well setbacks at the drill sites. 
  • Upon arrival to job site set drill rig up on well location and commence drilling as timely as possible. 
  • Prepare service truck for drilling. Such as hook up water to drill rig, unstrap casing, unload required supplies for drilling process (bentonite/grout), Set casing lifters, get welder ready. 
  • Shovel drill cuttings 
  • Be aware of surroundings and take direction from Driller as to other daily activities required. 
  • Maintain a safe work zone as far as other jobsite workers and equipment traffic. 
  • Keep jobsite picked up and tidy throughout the entire day of operation. 
  • Maintain and contain mud and water discharge, as it cannot go into waterways. This could include digging trenches, and setting silt fence. 
  • Mix and weigh grouts 
  • Take water samples. 
  • Operate and maintain small equipment, such as skid steers and trash pumps. 
  • Operate small equipment. 
  • Perform routine mechanical maintenance work on well drilling rigs and equipment. 
  • Clean up all trash and refuse before leaving jobsite. 
  • Load up for next day as directed by driller. Repair any broken parts before next work day.

Please contact Tom Van de Yacht to apply.
Contact Information

// GDH-109-53804 // GDH-109-53804